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Expertise of Denver Williams: After lots of planning and almost as much dreaming, we opened Denver Williams in October 2017. Our goal was to open an old-fashioned neighborhood chocolate shop where real chocolate connoisseurs and kids could feel equally welcome. We wanted to make our chocolates on site, where anyone could see what we were doing. Now, we are a shop were people stop by to say hello, to thank us for being the best chocolate shop around and of course to get chocolates and other handmade candies for all kinds of occasions.

09 80 31 28 60 Contact us 57 rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris


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Our Spirit

Our recipes include the fewest possible ingredients. We don’t add use any non-gustatory preservatives

Honest Recipes

Our recipes include the fewest possible ingredients. We don’t add use any preservatives you wouldn’t eat on its own.

Priority: Chocolate

Our chocolates taste of chocolate first; our flavorings provide undertones or finish flavors.

Pure Cocoa Butter

We use butter and cream in most of our ganaches, but otherwise, the only fat we use is cocoa butter. We never use any of the authorized cocoa butter replacements: huile de palme, illipe, karate, etc.

Old-Fashioned Taste

Our customers bring their children and grandchildren in all the time to show them what real marshmallows and pate de fruit should taste like. The younger generations become some of our most loyal customers.

Respectful of Your Restrictions

We don’t use pork gelatin or alcohol in our products (except for chocolate-covered cherries) and with the exception of marshmallows, all our products are suitable for vegetarians. We even have some vegan products.


Sometimes people ask us why we don’t have a certain flavor; the answer is usually simply that we only like to make products we like ourselves and feel passionate about. Of course, sometimes we do change our minds and learn to like something we thought we didn’t.

What We Make


Real cream, a combination of chocolates, two kinds of sugars and butter plus some herbs, spices, fruit pulps, coffee, tea, vanilla beans depending on the flavor. Our ganaches are all “slabbed”, which means they are thick enough to cut, rather than being the liquid form used to fill shells.


Nut (or seed) butters with some caramelized sugars, chocolate and sometimes a little salt or other extra flavor. These can be slightly crunchy or perfectly smooth. Our tahini praline contains no added sugar at all.


Either pure chocolate* from a particular origin or with added dried fruits or caramelized nuts. Also includes our unique mendiants with caramelized pecans, peanuts and some dried cranberry.

Barres Composées

Artisanal candy bars. Layers of praline with caramelized nuts, or layers of soft coconut and lightly salted soft caramel, etc … enrobed in chocolate for a gourmandise at any moment of your day.


We also dip all kinds of things in chocolate just for fun: orangettes, gingembrettes, caramelized peanuts, marshmallows…