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Expertise of Denver Williams: After lots of planning and almost as much dreaming, we opened Denver Williams in October 2017. Our goal was to open an old-fashioned neighborhood chocolate shop where real chocolate connoisseurs and kids could feel equally welcome. We wanted to make our chocolates on site, where anyone could see what we were doing. Now, we are a shop were people stop by to say hello, to thank us for being the best chocolate shop around and of course to get chocolates and other handmade candies for all kinds of occasions.

09 80 31 28 60 Contact us 57 rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris


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Our shop

A place where everyone feels welcome. Excellent, artisanal chocolate at a reasonable price.

Our Special Team

As Parisian as the nearby Canal Saint Martin itself, our shop is also a workshop, where you can see us in action. Better than any speech we could make, watching us is your guarantee that our chocolates and candies really are artisanal.

Our Shop

Our shop is small. There’s no denying it. But what we lack in size we make up for in charm. When we decided to open our own shop, we always wanted it to also be a place where you could see us work. And not just see us, but talk to us.

It took some time to find just the right location, but we eventually settled on the neighborhood between Canal Saint Martin and République. It was almost hard to believe there wasn’t already an artisanal sweets shop in the area. If you’ve never been here, it’s the part of Paris that feels the most like Brooklyn or Berlin. It’s lovely not because of the beautiful buildings you find in much of Paris, but because of the creativity of neighborhood.

We found an address only a few hundred feet from the canal, on a street filled with different kinds of food shops and restaurants. We bought a former dry-cleaners that had moved down the block to a new location. Feng Shui says it’s more auspicious to move into a business who had to move to a bigger location than where one had failed.

We had everything stripped back and discovered some interesting architectural features including the original iron posts and the original cornices, which our renovating team worked hard to preserve.

There isn’t much to the shop you can’t see. We make almost everything in our onsite workshop. There are only a few things we cannot manage ourselves, like marrons glacés at Chistmastime or ice cream in the summer. For these products, we’ve checked out a lot of other producers to make sure that we can offer our customers products we are proud of. Our marrons glacés come directly from the Ardèche region (known for their chestnuts) and our ice cream comes from La Tropicale Glacier, an artisanal producer in Paris.

The experience of walking into our shop is like walking into a dream world, especially at Christmas and Eastertime. Each year, our range of products gets larger as we learn what people in our neighhborhood like most. We’ve decorated our shop with personal photographs of Jed’s family. It’s part of how we show you that a real person is making your chocolates by hand.

But more than any of this, our shop is a place for people in the community to stop by to have one of our many kinds of hot chocolate in the winter or just to tell us how much people appreciated receiving our chocolates. We often remark that there are probably a lot of chocolate shops in Paris where people don’t do this. The chocolates are either made anonymously or by celebrities. Here, you know who made your chocolates and you know that chocolatier cares about pleasing you and those you love.

The area around Canal Saint Martin isn’t the old-fashioned, highly stylized Paris you might find in other parts of town. And neither is Denver Williams. But we think you’ll like it.