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Expertise of Denver Williams: After lots of planning and almost as much dreaming, we opened Denver Williams in October 2017. Our goal was to open an old-fashioned neighborhood chocolate shop where real chocolate connoisseurs and kids could feel equally welcome. We wanted to make our chocolates on site, where anyone could see what we were doing. Now, we are a shop were people stop by to say hello, to thank us for being the best chocolate shop around and of course to get chocolates and other handmade candies for all kinds of occasions.

09 80 31 28 60 Contact us 57 rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris


Our Expertise

In a perfect world, every neighborhood would have an artisanal chocolate shop

Every neighborhood should have a good chocolatier close by, someone who knows what they are doing technically and who cares about the customers as people. We want to make the things you love and also introduce you to things you never knew you would like so much.

We also believe our shop is more than an anonymous outlet for some far-off manufacturer. We make as much as possible right there where you can see it.


Quality product

Our products are the best we can find, no matter where they come from. We source our ingredients from all over the world to bring you the best finished products we can.


Respect for Local Traditions

Awarded the “Fabriqué à Paris” by the Mayor’s office since our very first year in business. Our chocolates are made according to the local traditions. In Paris, that means not too sweet, nothing gooey and never any alcohol.


Wholesome Recipes

We use the fewest and freshest possible ingredients transformed by the magic of a real chocolatier into unforgettable treats.


Eco Packaging

Whenever possible, we choose packaging that can be easily recycled after the candies have been savored.


Global Perspective

We give preference to South American chocolates and do our best to introduce our customers to new flavors from around the world like pecans, peanuts, blueberries and cranberries from America, smoked Spanish paprika, Thai tea and tamarind and Lebanese tahini.


Friendly Neighbors

We treat our customer, even those far away, like friends and family. We expect that every customer will come back to see us. And they often do.